Happiness Club

Would you like to be a member of my club?

Membership is easy. All you have to do is want to have more happiness in your life and be willing to try some new things.

These “new things” are activities that research tells us generates happiness.

Easy right? Are you willing to give it a try?

When was the last time you were happy? Or experienced any positive emotion for that matter. Any experiences of joy, pride, hope, gratitude? When was the last time you laughed? Can’t remember? That’s okay. Being a member of this club is sure to bring some laughter into your world.

My quest for happiness started during my doctoral program. I was introduced to Barbara Fredrickson’s theory of positive emotions and was amazed at the benefits of experiencing these feel-good gems like happiness, joy, pride, enthusiasm, contentment, etc.

Check out these impressive benefits!

· Enhanced attention. You can see and process all of the information in your environment.

· Your decisions and judgments are more consistent with your mood. When was the last time you made a terrible decision because you were in a bad mood?

· Your thoughts become more creative! Innovative thinking begins to flourish!

· Better physical health. What? How can that be? Well… positive emotions inspire us to want to engage in more play activities. More activity means better physical health.

· How is your memory? Could you use some help? Positive emotions can help with that.

· You will experience better mental health. Positive emotions make you stronger and more resilient.

So... how does being a member of the Happiness Club work?

This blog will explore the activities that research demonstrates increases the experiences of positive emotions. As a Happiness Club member, you will try these activities and reflect upon how they make you feel.

There is no obligation. No pressure. Just the hope of happiness for you my friend.

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