Cristina Louk, MA, PhD(c), LMHCA, RHT

Clinical Psychotherapist


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Professional Memberships

  • American Psychological Association (APA)

  • APA Division 30 - The Society of Psychological Hypnosis

  • APA Division 32 - Society for Humanistic Psychology

  • APA Division 35 - Society for the Psychology of Women

  • Washington State Psychological Association

Licenses & Registrations 

  • WA LMHCA - MC61209579

  • WA Hypnotherapist Registration - HP61214433


  • A Narrative Approach to Happiness in Adult Individuals with Intellectual Disability and Mental Illness Residing in Supported Living Environments 

You are more than a diagnosis!!! You are a real person dealing with real stuff, and I would be honored to help!


Fundamentally, I am a helper and a team player. When I see someone struggling, I instinctively want to walk with that person along their path to provide support, encouragement, and tools that they can use to help them manage their journey. This is why I became a psychotherapist.

My journey started with an undergraduate degree in psychology from Washington State University. These early courses suggested a binary view in psychology (psychoanalytic, behaviorism), that people were either “normal” or they were “pathological”. This bothered me because I didn’t see people as being disordered or dysfunctional (or broken). I saw people living their lives along a spectrum, sometimes lives were easy and sometimes they got messy. Each of us approaches these challenges differently and some of us need some extra help. And that’s okay! Then I was introduced to humanistic psychology. Humanistic psychology seeks to develop free will and self-efficacy and has a focus on cultivating happiness and positive well-being through a journey towards self-actualization. Inwardly (and maybe outwardly too) I screamed, "Sign Me Up! I want to know more about this psychology!"


So… I signed up to take graduate courses in the foremost school for humanistic psychology and have since earned a MA and PhD in clinical psychology from Saybrook University. Now, I am the founder and clinical director of Peace Humanist Therapy. I practice humanistic, positive, and somatic psychology and seek to honor your unique spark by treating you as a whole person (bio-psycho-social-spiritual) through individualized and integrative treatment plans. In addition to providing therapy, I am also an educator (teaching college courses and promoting humanistic psychology), as well as an author, advocate, and researcher.


I have always been a glass-half-full kind of person wanting to experience more happiness in my life. I know what brings me joy, and I go out and seek those experiences. This has taught me that happiness is something that you have to go out and work for. This quest for happiness has been the foundation for my research. I study what causes happiness in people. I have learned so much, and I would love to share this with you! I provide psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for adult women experiencing a variety of life’s challenges, including depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD… using a very integrative and individualized approach to treatment. I am currently an associate in the state of Washington working toward licensure as a mental health counselor, as well as seeking licensure as a psychologist in both the states of Washington and California.


I look forward to talking with you!

I am neurodivergent. Here is my story...

As a child, my teachers use to say, "she's bright, I don't know why she's failing?". I was sent to my first psychologist in kindergarten, but it wasn't until I was sent to the second psychologist in 3rd grade that I received the diagnosis of ADHD, heavy on hyperactivity. My parents chose to not medicate. So, I instead made my deficits my strengths and ADHD became my super-power. I would not trade my neurodiversity for anything. Yes… I have excess energy, and at times others can physically see me twitching and squirming around. But I have learned to harness that energy in ways that have brought me success. If you have ADHD and need some tools, come see me. I have a lifetime of tools that have served me quite well!